Nov 12, 2020Clean Energy Future

Cruising Cleaner

If you’re planning a post-COVID adventure on the high seas, you might find yourself cruising with gas.

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) has found a new role, becoming the maritime fuel of choice for cruise ships, as well as ferries and supply vessels.

The biggest benefit of using LNG as a fuel source is reduced emissions. Natural gas is almost 50% cleaner than other traditional fuel sources and also causes less wear and tear on the engine.

In detail: Compared to diesel, LNG has 100 per cent fewer sulphur oxide emissions, 85 per cent lower nitrous oxide emissions in low pressure engines, and 40 per cent reductions for high pressure engines (diesel cycle. LNG also offers 95 to 100 per cent particulate reductions and around 25 per cent CO2 reductions compared to diesel.

In short, LNG is a cleaner solution to luxury adventure at sea!

The first LNG power cruise ship, AIDAnova set out for its maiden voyage in December of 2018. 337m long, 42m wide, the cruise ship has capacity to carry over 5,000 passengers. With the full suite of amenities, including Jacuzzis and luxury spas, a mini golf course and a water park, there’s no compromise in sight for the gas powered giant.

The Aidanova docked.

The LNG motivated ship marked a turning point for the maritime industry. Cruise fans can enjoy a holiday powered by a much cleaner fuel capable of drastically reducing emissions in line with improving global air quality standards.

Since the champagne was shattered on the hull of the AIDAnova, many other maritime mastheads have followed suit. Notable entries include Royal Caribbean, and media monolith Disney.

The Disney Wish at sea

Recently, the Disney Cruise Line revealed the name of the fifth ship in its fleet and the first of three new LNG-powered ships.

The ‘Disney Wish’ will be delivered in late 2021 and is anticipated to set sail by early 2022. The new gas-powered ships will weigh over 144,000 tonnes and host over 1,250 guest rooms.

It’s just another way, among the hundreds of other uses, that natural gas is part of every day.