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Sep 15, 2019 At Home

Sustainable House Day

For more than 19 years, Sustainable House Day has provided a great opportunity for hundreds of thousands of people to visit some of Australia’s leading green homes. In 2018, over 30, 000 people visited …Read more
Sep 11, 2019 In The Community

Brighter at the Royal Melbourne Show

The Royal Melbourne Show, which celebrates over 160 years of bringing the country to the city is, of course, on again this September. This year Brighter is proud to be a sponsor of the …Read more
Sep 09, 2019 In The Community

Celebrating National Bilby Day

Bilby populations continue to be under threat from predators and fire regimes. The marsupial is listed as ‘vulnerable’ across Australia, but an area in the West Kimberley region of Western Australia is one of …Read more
Sep 02, 2019 At Home

The Hot Water Systems and Cooktops Recommended by Australian Builders

Australian Construction Insights recently conducted survey research with builders. The builders were asked about the types of hot water systems and cooktops they’d installed in the last year. Unsurprisingly, instantaneous natural gas hot water …Read more
Sep 02, 2019 In The Community

Artificial ‘King Reef’ is a Huge Biodiversity Success

Sea Week is run in the first week of September (2 – 8) and is Australia’s major awareness week to focus community attention on and build an appreciation of the sea. This Sea Week, …Read more
Aug 26, 2019 In The Community

Brighter Sponsoring the Royal Adelaide Show

The Royal Adelaide Show – attended by one-third of people in South Australia – is an iconic event that’s been well-loved by many generations. The Show brings the best of the country to the …Read more
Aug 19, 2019 At Home

The Energy That Powers Your Morning

What do you do every morning? That’s a question that was asked to thousands of Australians in a representative survey commissioned by Brighter recently. 2 in 5 Australians say they have a shower first …Read more
Aug 19, 2019 In The Community

Family business gone global is powered right out of Glen Waverley

A Glen Waverley-based business, which has played a big part in keeping Australia’s lights on every day for the last 85 years, has a global footprint spanning six countries and attributes success to its …Read more
Aug 19, 2019 People & Industry

Game-changing Hackathon This Weekend in Perth

Are you a WA uni student who constantly has great ideas for real-world problems? Well, there’s nothing better than a hackathon to get some exposure. This weekend the Chevron Hackathon kicks off in Perth, …Read more
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