May 09, 2019In The Community

Brighter at Penrith Relay for Life

Brighter was proud to take part in the Penrith Relay for Life over the weekend to assist in raising funds for leading cancer charity, Cancer Council. All money is raised in the lead up to the overnight event where attendees take turns walking around a track to signify that cancer never rests.

Brighter sponsored the Battle of the BBQ Chef’s, which saw five different community groups compete in making the best BBQ lamb dish. Three different Rotary groups, the Rural Fire Service and the SES all took part in crafting delicious meals for participants and spectators alike. But there could only be one winner, with the Rural Fire Service eventually taking top spot.

Stay tuned for local events Brighter is hosting or attending in your community.


Income from natural gas doesn’t just benefit those directly employed by the industry but does a lot to support the local communities that host gas projects. Small businesses and local economies in host communities and around the country benefit from this income.