Aug 01, 2019People & Industry

Introducing Bright Sparks

Did you know that over half of the Australian population believes jobs in the gas industry are predominantly fly in, fly out?


Most Australians also aren’t aware the gas industry partners with diverse businesses around the country.

Despite this, 78% of surveyed Australians believe that the gas industry plays an important role in the country’s economic future.

Today, Brighter is proud to introduce an inspirational group of Bright Sparks from around the country, all working with the natural gas industry.

The gas industry underpins around 80,000 jobs both directly and indirectly – some in ways you may not expect.

From marine biologists to baristas, drone operators to electrical engineers, our Bright Sparks are truly extraordinary people both at work and at home. Some of them even live or work in your community.

We’re proud to introduce our Bright Sparks to you. They are our industry.

So, get to know our ambassadors at – and learn more about those who power our homes and cities every single day.

Put a face to the energy in your community. Get to know natural gas. It’s naturally part of every day.