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Oct 20, 2021 People & Industry

Milestone for Mid West WA

Ground has been broken on a new project tipped tounlock the economic potential of Western Australia’s Mid West. Local jobs, a boost to the local economy and domestic supply of natural gas to Western …Read more
Oct 12, 2021 Clean Energy Future

Explainer: Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)

An increasing presence in the media and on our leaders’ lips, CCS is an emission reducing technology that works by trapping and storing carbon emissions. CCS is what it says on the tin. Greenhouse …Read more
Oct 08, 2021 People & Industry

Fish favour artificial reefs

When it comes to habitats, fish are voting with their fins. They prefer artificial reefs. Yes, you read correctly. Aquatic life is swarming to out-of-service oil and gas platforms at rates “at least four …Read more
Sep 29, 2021 At Home

Recipe: Become the Wing King

When we read the winner of our AFL Grand Final BBQ Competitions’ recipe, we knew we had to share it. Certified Wing King Steven is no stranger to a footy themed fry up. For …Read more
Sep 22, 2021 Small Business

Small business Safespear is supporting safety in the NT

Supply Nation-certified business Safespear launched in 2019 to work with oil and gas companies to reduce safety risks, maintain operation schedules, and increase efficiency and productivity. “We want to make sure that people who …Read more
Sep 12, 2021 At Home

How QLD’s going for gold with gas

The gas industry is going to a big deal for the Queensland economy. A new report forecasts the industry will inject up to $129.3 billion to the Queensland economy over the next 20 years. …Read more
Sep 06, 2021 In The Community

Perth students get rare gas insight at Wheatstone

Natural gas is a big part of modern life, providing us with energy, fuel and all sorts of materials. But have you ever wondered how it gets from A to B? Students of Darling …Read more
Sep 03, 2021 At Home

Enter our AFL Grand Finals competition for a chance to win a Weber BBQ

Ahh, the AFL Grand Final. It’s a true Aussie institution. In normal times, we’d be celebrating the occasion by getting together with friends and family, whether it be at the bar or a classic …Read more
Aug 25, 2021 At Home

Kitchen Space: What’s Vital?

The battle for kitchen space. It’s a fight that rages on the front lines anywhere brave cooks combat hunger, from restaurants to apartments nationwide. When floor and counter space is at a premium, performance …Read more
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