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Apr 11, 2019 Small Business

Meet the Virtual Reality Company Improving Worker Safety

Australian businesses are at the forefront of helping natural gas companies transform their working environments using immersive virtual reality technology. Interactive virtual recreations of natural gas sites are now being used by the industry …Read more
Apr 11, 2019 In The Community

Australian Space Agency Partnering with Australian Companies to Boost Economy

The Australian Space Agency has taken another big leap forward, signing a statement of strategic intent and cooperation with natural gas company Woodside, which will see space sector research translated into commercial opportunities for …Read more
Apr 04, 2019 At Home

The One Thing Australians Say They Can’t Live Without

A gas cooktop holds a special place in the heart of most Australians. It’s how we’ve been cooking everything from scrambled eggs to elaborate dinners for many years. It’s still favoured by chefs the …Read more
Apr 04, 2019 Gas & Renewables

All You Need to Know About Hydrogen

You may have come across hydrogen in the news recently. Maybe something about how it could be used in vehicles and for cooking on barbeques and stovetops, or how Australia plans to send it …Read more
Apr 04, 2019 Gas & Renewables

Brighter Joins the Conversation at the National Sustainability Conference

Delegates from large and small businesses, academic institutions, not for profits and government attended the National Sustainability Conference in Brisbane in early April 2019. The conference schedule included speakers on a wide range of …Read more
Mar 27, 2019 In The Community

Promoting the successes of the Toowoomba region to the Rest of the World

The Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE) has been named a recipient of the Federal Government’s Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Export Hub Grant. The opportunity for a new export hub in the region …Read more
Mar 27, 2019 At Home

Home Heating Tips for Winter

As the colder months draw in again, and heating our homes becomes a necessity, here are some tips to stay cosy. Consider the room Open plan living is now a staple in modern Australian …Read more
Mar 21, 2019 Gas & Renewables

The Australian Town Forging a Clean Energy Future

A pilot program in the Western Australian town of Onslow is proving that natural gas and renewable energy sources like solar power are perfect partners to provide secure and cleaner energy. The Onslow Renewable …Read more
Mar 13, 2019 In The Community

Brighter and Science Alive! are Coming to Geelong

Brighter is proud to announce our sponsorship of Science Alive! In Geelong this May. The Brighter stand will be exhibiting the world-leading technology being used in the natural gas industry, from drones that save …Read more
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