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Aug 07, 2019 Gas & Renewables

Australia’s First Homes to be Powered by Hydrogen

The Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) announced a hydrogen project earlier in 2019. The project, called ‘Hydrogen Park SA’ (Hyp SA), will be based in the suburb of Tonsley. The project, which will cost …Read more
Jul 23, 2019 In The Community

Brighter at the Developing Northern Australia Conference

Regional Queensland and its successful relationship with the onshore gas industry was showcased in Western Australia at the Developing Northern Australia Conference last week. The event highlighted the diversification of local economies as a …Read more
Jul 16, 2019 At Home

Home Beautiful Podcast Featuring Adrian Richardson

Chef Adrian Richardson, star of Good Chef Bad Chef and Brighter’s series The Chef’s Secret, was recently interviewed on Style Rules, the podcast from Home Beautiful magazine. In the episode Adrian talks us through …Read more
Jul 11, 2019 In The Community

‘Our Town’ Episode Shows What Community Development in Northern WA Looks Like

A recent episode of Our Town from Channel 7 has revealed how INPEX, a natural gas company operating in far-North Western Australia, is providing economic benefits and jobs for the region. In this episode …Read more
Jul 11, 2019 People & Industry

Australians See Exports as a Positive, New Study Finds

Australia is a nation of exports. A diverse range of products leave our shores every year, from livestock, wool and wheat, to iron ore, gold, and, of course, natural gas. According to a survey …Read more
Jul 11, 2019 People & Industry

NAIDOC Week: How Natural Gas Companies are Working with Indigenous Australians

NAIDOC Week (formerly an acronym, now a word that represents the week of observance) is held across Australia this year from the 7th – 14th of July. NAIDOC Week celebrates the history, culture and …Read more
Jul 03, 2019 People & Industry

Why the next generation of rockets will be powered by methane

One of the trickiest things to get right in space flight is the chemical properties of the propellant, and there’s a dizzying array of recipes. First you start with a liquid fuel that reacts with …Read more
Jul 03, 2019 At Home

The Best Conversations People Have Are Around a Barbeque

Most Australians enjoy a chinwag. One of the most repeated sentences anywhere you go after all is the classic greeting, ‘How ya going?’.  It’s no wonder then, that when Brighter polled Australians about gas …Read more
Jun 24, 2019 People & Industry

Meet Magnapod, the CSIRO’s Autonomous Robot

Magnapods sound and look like something out of a sci-fi movie, but the people behind the ground-breaking technology are the real superstars in this story. Magnapods are a type of autonomous robot capable of …Read more
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