Sep 17, 2019In The Community

Spring into Parks this Biodiversity Month

‘Connect with nature. It’s good for you and good for our parks’.

That’s the idea behind the Spring into Parks initiative from the WA Parks Foundation and Chevron Australia. The initiative aims to connect people to accessible information on national parks as well as promoting park attractions and activities.

The partnership with Chevron (which also includes Woodside) has allowed the WA Parks Foundation to create and promote a special program of community-based activities running across the month of September. This perfectly aligns with Biodiversity Month, a month which recognises the importance of Australian biodiversity. It also indicates how invested the natural gas industry is in making sure that Australia remains pristine. Whether it’s in the areas where natural gas companies operate or in our national parks, the industry is committed to encouraging biodiversity.

See what Spring into Parks is all about here and think about getting outdoors yourself. For more biodiversity content this month stay tuned to Brighter.