Apr 01, 2020People & Industry

The Australian Company Revolutionising Industry with Robots

We may not have anti-gravity belts or flying cars (yet), but technology has become a huge part of how we work and play.

Industries and businesses around the world are continually adopting cutting edge technology. The natural gas is doing this more than most.

We’ve written before about natural gas engineers working closely with NASA robotics, how businesses are revolutionising industry safety with AI, VR and Machine learning, and how energy technology is reducing emissions in the operations of extracting gas.

A great example of such a business is NEXXIS.

Founded in 2014 by Jason De Silveira, NEXXIS provides leading-edge inspection, testing and measuring equipment for use offshore, subsea and across a range of infrastructure projects and manufacturing processes.

In the case of the gas industry, a large part of NEXXIS’s offering is made up of robots used for inspecting and monitoring hard-to-reach places. Take for instance the long range VT300 crawler system with full sensor integration capabilities with a range of 2.5KM of tethered operation and high definition camera systems.

Another example is Magneto. This robot – which, to us at least, looks like it’s straight out of a sci-fi film – has electromagnetic feet and cutting-edge AI which allows it to climb and inspect vertical and complex industrial structures.

“The challenge for us at Nexxis is to maintain practical innovative solutions that solve problems and deliver a measurable outcome, that could be one of the following: improved efficiencies, faster, better decisions and increased safety,” De Silveira said.

On the user side, jobs utilising the sort of leading-edge technology NEXXIS provides are becoming more common.

For more information on NEXXIS visit their website.