Apr 16, 2020People & Industry

Brighter and AMMA: Putting Energy and Resources Behind a STEM Future

Thirty years ago computers at work still weren’t overly common, yet most jobs today rely on people using a laptop, phone or tablet. In the same way, STEM skills will be integral to the future of work and personal careers.

This is certainly true for the natural gas industry and other resource-based industries, which already rely on leading-edge technology and people with the skills to make it work. From drones and robots to cloud computing and augmented reality, the natural gas industry is pushing the boundaries of the types of jobs available.

Australian Resources and Energy Group (AMMA), a partner of Brighter,is a leader in this space. Recognising that STEM is too often focused on high school students – a point at which it may be too late as they’ve made decisions about the subjects they enjoy – AMMA leads a number of school-based  programs and initiatives to engage children in STEM at an early age.

In March, AMMA announced its partnership with Scholastic, the celebrated publisher of educational books for Australian school children. The partnership will see STEM resources and books distributed to primary schools and teachers across the nation.

By telling stories about the resources and energy sector, the partnership aims to change the industry’s often-outdated image while connecting STEM subjects to real world activities and jobs.

AMMA’s Director of Operations, Tara Diamond, says it will engage students, particularly girls, with STEM industry concepts.

“This initiative will do wonders in promoting and raising awareness about the range of STEM-based careers within Australia’s incredibly diverse resources and energy industry,” she says.

The partnership is one of many AMMA campaigns and projects promoting STEM and the resources sector to school-aged children, including the Bright Future STEM Primary School Program.

“The Bright Future STEM Primary School program specifically engages 9-12 year old girls and boys on STEM futures, given this is the critical age where perceptions are formed and choices are made,” Ms Diamond says.

Combined with the Scholastic partnership, Ms Diamond says the program will take the engagement and awareness of STEM in the resources and energy industry to the next level.

Like AMMA, Brighter and the natural gas industry champions STEM activities in school. For more information on AMMA visit their website.


AMMA is the national representative for Australia’s resources, energy and supply industry employers, providing a unified voice to drive effective workforce outcomes.