May 28, 2021People & Industry

Fatality Free Friday is raising road safety awareness

Today is Fatality Free Friday, an initiative of the Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF).

Introduced in 2007, Fatality Free Friday encourages drivers to ‘live the road safety pledge’, a series of instructions for safe driving. These promises include always being fit to drive; staying focused on the road; scanning the road ahead; keeping a safe distance; and driving to suit the conditions (more information here).

Road safety is an important topic for the natural gas industry, as large quantities of gas are transported across the country by trucks. Trucks are also used by gas producers for other activities such as seismic surveying.

Technologies such as automation — which minimise so-called ‘human factors’ that can lead to mistakes — and in-vehicle monitoring systems (IVMS) are helping to improve truck safety across the entire sector of transportation and haulage. Natural gas producers have standardised these technologies on their fleets over the years to ensure improved driver safety and road standards.

If you are a driver and want to take the pledge, visit the ARSF website here.