May 12, 2022In The Community

A chat with In.Site Awards ‘Community’ winner Philip Allen

The In.Site Photographic Competition seeks to capture the unique beauty of the environments, communities and people that both surround the natural gas industry and make it possible.

The natural gas industry plays a vital role in powering Australia. The competition showcases the strong and constantly growing relationship between the industry and the areas it operates in through photography. A celebration of community and industry achievement.

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The Community Category was won by Adelaide-based freelance wellsite geologist Philip Allen, who took his winning snap while doing some work for Central Petroleum in Mereenie, Northern Territory. The composition’s title is straight to the point – ‘Water Truck Supplying Rig Operations At Mereenie’

“I’d been working as a geologist on site in Mereenie, and one morning while I was out on location, I took that photo. I wasn’t aware of the In.Site competition initially, but someone at Central Petroleum who had asked me for some photos for their annual reports suggested I submit some.

“The truck in the picture was going down to the Alice Springs area to fill up with water and then come back to the site. Drilling rigs require a fresh water supply, so the truck driver journeys once or twice a day to ensure the rig has a water supply.

It’s very nice working out there, that’s one of the pleasures of it because the landscape is so striking, and you do get those amazing sunrises and sunsets.”

See the full gallery of In.Site 2022 submissions here.