Jun 12, 2019People & Industry

Meet Carolyn, the Superstar of STEM from Melbourne

The Superstars of STEM program exists to smash gender assumptions about scientists and STEM careers in Australia. It’s why Brighter is proud to sponsor the program to help it reach more women and girls around Australia to encourage them to venture down STEM pathways.

One young professional, who was named a 2019 Superstar of STEM, is Carolyn Thomas from ExxonMobil Australia. Carolyn is an Offshore Risk Environment & Regulatory Supervisor, which means she makes sure all regulatory approvals are in place to operate 17 offshore oil platforms and subsea production systems safely, and without harm to the environment. It’s a huge job and one she’s incredibly good at.

Carolyn has a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours and a Bachelor of Science, both from the University of Melbourne. She says she’s passionate about inclusion and advancing women engineers as leaders in the industry.

“I want girls to see that they can be an engineer, a leader, a mother, a daughter and a friend, all at the same time…”, says Carolyn.

She also volunteers at primary schools to run science activities and talk to students about what scientists and engineers actually do and what a career in those fields might look like.

“At ExxonMobil Australia, I’m a member of the Women in Energy Network committee, running events that seek to connect women with networks, help them learn new skills and inspire them to greatness”.

The Superstars of STEM program equips female scientists and technologists like Carolyn with advanced communication skills and opportunities to use these skills in media and with key decision-makers. It also encourages young women and girls to participate in STEM study by getting the Superstars to their schools and workplaces, thereby providing role models to aspire to.

For more information on Superstars of STEM stay tuned to Brighter.


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