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Mar 07, 2019 At Home

It’s Official, Australians Prefer a Medium Steak

Nothing sounds better than a sizzling steak on the grill, but nothing tastes better than when your steak has been cooked just the way you like it. And recent research conducted by Brighter has …Read more
Mar 04, 2019 At Home

The Chef’s Secret – Every Episode!

We’ve been cooking up some delicious recipes that will be sure to ignite flavour and impress your family and friends with The Chef’s Secret, cooking with natural gas. Episode 1 – The Perfect Steak with Adrian Richardson   Episode 2 – The …Read more
Mar 04, 2019 At Home

The Chef’s Secret – Portable BBQ Pork Wraps

Off-the-grid gourmets rejoice. This recipe from chef and renowned outdoorsman Adrian Richardson will become a regular campsite classic. Easy to grill on the go, these succulent Portable BBQ Pork Wraps are a surefire way …Read more
Feb 22, 2019 At Home

The Chef’s Secret- BBQ Pork Yiros

47% of Australians believe they’re the best BBQ cook out of all of their friends. Here’s how to prove you make the cut. Showcase your grill skills with this delicious pork fillet recipe with Georgia Barnes. …Read more
Feb 20, 2019 At Home

Video: How Natural Gas is Used in Australia

Natural gas is a big part of every day in Australia. We know it heats our homes and powers our stoves, but what other important roles does it play in our day-to-day lives? Does …Read more
Feb 18, 2019 At Home

The Chef’s Secret – Berry Butterfly Cakes

Simple, delicious and capable of whisking you back to childhood with just one bite. Georgia Barnes’ Berry Butterfly Cakes are a nostalgic classic that will bring a smile to your dial and warm and …Read more
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