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Find a Public BBQ in Melbourne

There’s truly nothing more Australian than a BBQ surrounded by family or friends. It could be a quick dinner on a summer’s night or a full-on feast for lunch down at the beach. In fact, it’s such a big part of our culture that local councils provide hundreds of free BBQs in public spaces around the country.

The real question then is, how do you pick a good public BBQ spot? It’s never great rocking up to your local park with a all the goods for a cook-up only to realise there’s no BBQ.

Well, there’s a couple of neat ways to solve that problem.

The website Meat in a Park has a list of every publicly available bbq in Melbourne and almost all BBQs around Australia. They’ve got a nifty search function that shows BBQs around you or you can search by suburb. Simple.

Another way to find a place for a cook up is through your local council website, who keep a list of all the public BBQs for you. We’ve made that a little easier by linking some of them here (just click on your local council area). 


BBQs in your local Council Area

City of Melbourne

City of Darebin

City of Bayside

City of Yarra

City of Monash

City of Whitehorse

City of Moreland

City of Boroondara

City of Maribyrnong

City of Moonee Valley

City of Stonnington

City of Manningham

City of Brimbank


BBQs in Victorian National Parks

You may be more interested in having a bbq in the proper great outdoors. If that’s the case – and let’s be honest, we all enjoy cooking in wide open spaces – you can visit the Parks Victoria website to check for public BBQs in the area you plan to visit next.

Always remember to clean up after yourself (and friends/family) to keep our shared spaces clean. Happy BBQing!


Whether you know it or not, gas plays a big part in almost all Australian homes. Most of us use it for cooking, hot showers or weekend BBQs with the family. Gas is also vital in keeping local businesses, schools and hospitals powered and running.